Marilyn's Diamonds

Marilyn's Diamonds

Slot machine test: Marilyn it diamonds

Diamonds are the best friends of the woman. Even Marylin Monroe, knew the in "Marilyn it diamonds ™" represents the main character. And diamonds there will no shortage Verily in this slot. This trickle just from the top down and follow good gains with little luck. "Marilyn it diamonds ™" is a Naidoo and slot machine Casino can be played also in the Star Games.

Of the design, it shines here on every nook and cranny, and Marilyn personally still most beautiful shines as a Joker can be used for other symbols. Chances are also good to make profit with the scatter icon. The refill feature ensures that more gains can be made in a round as numbered symbols to make room for new. Free games there is no, but even so the chances are extremely attractive.

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Marilyn diamonds ™ online play

A small feature in the slot is that there is not directly profit lines. In any case, you can not adjust. Count all rows that consist of at least three of the same symbols and start on the left reel. It is no matter, whether it horizontal, diagonal or both lost, because in any case, this series then count as a win. The number must be not even directly on a line. For example, can the same symbol at the bottom on the first two reels his and at the top of the third. So the odds are in terms of winning lines in "Marilyn it diamonds ™" quite well, unlike in slots with perhaps only for lines.

You have to spin at least three of the same symbols in a row, while it also may happen that multiple series are formed, which are then added. But that's still not necessarily, because the refill function is the main attraction in "Marilyn it diamonds ™". As soon as the lines were counted, the profit is determined provisionally. The respective icons disappear afterwards and from above other icons fall, to close the gaps. Thus, you have the opportunity to make profits without having to turn the extra in a round several times.

What is what, in the slot Marilyn it diamonds?

The red and dark green diamonds are the least. Here you get again played, not the entire usage also if there are three same diamonds on the reels. The other diamonds are there already more lucrative, especially the colorful shimmering, where there are two hundredfold from use as a win in a row with five same symbols. The scatter symbol is worth while only half as much, but it counts even if it spread somewhere on the reels.

The Marilyn symbol is used in "Marilyn it diamonds ™" as a Joker. Thus, all other symbols can be replaced, so can order form or expand. For themselves alone the symbol worth a damn. Only the scatter symbol can not be replaced by Marylin.

Slot machines instructions by Marilyn it diamonds ™

If you simply just want to try, you can play casino with free stars in Star Games. However, there are to win real money with real usage only. To do this, you must be logged in the online casino. In the slot machine "Marilyn it diamonds ™" do you have a few options. Since there are no winning lines, you can increase the use of only or lower it again. It also directly the possible gains affects, as you can directly see the winnings table.

Gains can in "Marilyn it diamonds ™" received an additional stimulus, because the typical gamble feature like in many Naidoo is built machines. Thus, you have the chance to put your income on a map. If the right color is drawn, the amount is doubled. Otherwise, you can lose but also quite won rounds. The gamble feature is always a risk, but only optional. You can take as an alternative just the amount is then added to your wallet.

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